Kerley Consulting is a full service computer consulting company for small businesses in the local Washington DC metro and Baltimore area. We recommend what computers you should buy and help you find the best possible price. Since the price of different brands of computers seem so different and the details of what you get with a purchase appear so overcomplicated, we make it very clear. Kerley Consulting does not commit to any brand for reselling or profit purposes, any recommendation of a product comes from a balance of performance and price in real world small business situations.

Another specialty of ours is Digital Message Boards or LED Sign Displays. We offer consulting, repair and support services for Time-O-Matic also known as Watchfire Signs, Optec Displays Signs, Daktronics Signs, Adaptive Displays sometimes also known as Alpha Signs. We may work together with Kerley Signs in Landover, MD to provide complete solutions for digital computerized LED message displays from beginning to end, whether it be a large billboard or a small message center hanging in a window. We hook it up to your computer and show you how to use it.

If we did not list your brand of electronic sign, we are sure there will be no lack of understanding or ability to finish the job, even when the manufacturer goes out of business or you don't know who made the sign since it's enclosed with no visible brand name, we can give you your best chances of getting it to work.

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